Wednesday, July 11, 2018


This is also a watercolor that I'd finish several months ago...
it is a combination of two different photographs and I also used photographs from the PMP website.

It was fun and challenging to put the two photographs in the same painting but I thought it was a good composition.
I always have trouble when painting white objects on the white paper,as it always turns out  to  be darker than I have originally planned.

This is a watercolor and it measures 15"x112",it was finished on Sept. the 24  '17

Red Hot chili Peppers

This is another old watercolor.
I actually  used a picture from PMP and I have to give credit to the photographer for such a wonderful and colorful reference.

it is a 9"x12" painted on Arches Watercolor paper and it was finished on Sept. the 15th  '17

Red leaf

It has been a long time since I posted anything on my blog! 
Now I think that it is time to get back to it.
I've not been painting  much lately but I  have a few paintings that were finished a while 
ago and I never got to post them.
This is Called "Red leqf"  it is just a small still life,I used a Red leaf that I found somehwre.
I was walking and I found it,I thought it was beautiful...because of the intense color Red.
I brought it home with me and I looked  for something else to add to the painting.
I haven't been brave enough to try bigger or complicated still lifes,so  I decided to make it simple.
I have this little brass pot that I bought at an antique store and decided to use it.
I took several photos and I selected  what I thought was the best.
It was a very pleasurable experience and I was very please when I finished it.
Watercolor on Arches paper and measures 12'x9" and it was finished on Jan 8th '17       

Thursday, March 16, 2017


This is a Watercolor that I painted a few weeks ago. 
just a simple setting with a few objects that I found interesting.
I 'm always looking for contrast,Dark-tlight  and intesresting shadows.
there was a time during the process that I wasn't happy with it,that was after the firs;few light washes that I  applied for the background.
It didn't look right  and I didn't know what else to do and I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to make it work. 
I probably wasn't even thinking about what the next step would be.  thinking that I was probably not going to be able to save it,I decided to add more darks and in a variety of  tones. I painted this on Arches,cold pressed (as usual) it measures 12" x 16" and it was finished on Jan. the 27th. '17    

Thursday, March 9, 2017


This is a watercolor that I finished not long ago.
it is a non-complicated set up,an interesting bottle,a duck...that is apparently made of Brass and... a small glass bottle. all of these objects are part of my "Precious-treasures non-valuable" things that I usually buy at the thrift store,just to use them for paintings. 
I have not painted glass before and the small bottle doesn't look convincing...but that's all I could do.
it was painted on arches (Cold pressed) and it measures 12" x 16". it was finished on Feb. the 22nd. '17    


This is a very small watercolor that I painted not long ago.
it is based on a photograph that I took at the Asian museum of Art, in SF.
The piece is very interesting,colorful;shinny...
I don't know why  it took me too long before I finally decided to paint it. it is very simple but I like it and it was a good exercise. 
it measures 4" 1/2 x 5" and was painted on Feb. the 11th. '17


This is one of my latest paintings...
it all started because of a mistake and ugliness of something else I was doing in that piece of paper.
I was originally planning on doing some kind of abstraction,just some shapes and color.
When I first started to put paint to it,I immediately noticed that it was not going to work,it was the most horrendous thing I've ever seen!
well,that was a downer and I really didn't know what to do.
looked and looked at it until I decided to discard it...but...wait a minute! there's some white paper I can use!
as you can see,there are some pencil lines that are visible and two of the 3 vertical drops where already on the paper.
So, I decided to draw a simple bowl and I painted it...very simple;but I thought that it was probably a good idea to add something was scrap paper anyway.
So,I looked on my files and found the photos of my little metal frog. I took those photos a while ago and never got to use them,so that was my addition to it and I liked it!
again,it is very simple,but from now on...I'll think twice before throwing or discarding a piece of paper that I  might be able to do something with.         
This is a 12" x10" painted on cold pressed (arches) and it was finished on Feb. the 10th. '17