Monday, February 20, 2012


It has been a while since I started this painting but finally...
I finished it.
I just wasn't sure about what and or how to work with the trees...
after a few attempts,some washes and some "Sponging"  it turned out
to be a nice watercolor...
Feb. the 19th '12  
Original Watercolor for $@le...


  1. Hello Ignacio. I think the color of the fence, the roof and the trees keeps everything nice together. I like the way you did this!

  2. Un recorrido por tu página agradable. Me gusta en general el colorido y la originalidad de tus trabajos. Un saludo.

    1. Hi Renate!
      thanks again for stopping by!
      it is always nice to hear a good feed back and or positive things about my work.
      still learning with each painting and with my many mistakes.

      Hola justo!
      Gracias por visitar mi blog y por tus buenos comentarios acerca de mi trabajo.
      aveces,como todo artista;me gustaria pintar cosas que desafortunadamente y por no tener las abilidades y educacion o conocimientos necesarios...
      no puedo pintar...
      pero estamos rodeados de belleza y si miramos cuidadosamente las cosas que nos rodean...
      descubrimos que aveces lo que nosotros pensamos es insignificante,podemos transformarlo en algo bello...
      Gracias otra vez por tu cometario y por tu visita a mi blog.

  3. I am a color lover so really like you use of color. The sponging turned out very well,you had the patience to dry your colors so they stand on their own. Like the feel of yesterday about this painting. Nice.