Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"The Red Valve at the nick"

I'm back!
Here I am,with one of my "Unusual" subjects.
I'm just trying to paint whatever catches my attention.
I went to the the movies a week or so ago and I saw these pipes and this red valve.
I was immediately attracted by the subject and having my  cam on hand,I snapped 
a few pictures.
I wasn't sure about how good the photos were going to be but I was actually pleased
and surprised when I saw one of the photos.
I really liked the way the sunlight  created this dramatic contrast in the lock and the front of the valve.
The "Redish-purplish"  (Gezz! I'm also creating new words!!!)  colors on the pipes were
really fun to paint.
At the end,it was a nice experience and I'm really happy about this painting and the way it 
turned out.
Nov. the 23rd  '13
painted on arches (cold Pressed) and it measures  14"x20"