Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Trash Day"

Well,I finished this painting last week.
I thought was a good composition,loved the colors...
The rusty looking can in the top of the card board box...
full of discarded things,ready to be recycled.
It took me a while to get the initial sketch right and still has a few little things I'm not so happy with.
This is probably one of the pieces that will be displayed in the Santa Cruz watercolor society upcoming show.
This is the most recent and decent looking work I've done for a while...LOL
it is a Watercolor and it measures 22" x 30".
painted in Arches (300 lb) cold press.
and it was finished on Feb. the 6th '14

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Ok,one more not so convincing painting...
I took a photo a while ago and I was really attracted to the rust and texture of this electric post,pipe and switch...
I'm not really sure what is it called and what that is for...
I just liked it.
I liked the composition and colors but I have to say that there were a few times that I almost quit and discard this piece,for some reason I wasn't happy with it.
somehow I lost interest on it and didn't want to finish it.
I could have added a few more things to the shape on the left  but decided to leave it like that.
The colors are nice and still like the composition,I'd like to think that this is not bad at all...
it is a Watercolor and it measures 14"x20" painted in Arches Hot pressed and was finished on Feb. the 10th '14

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Lorrie's tool box"

This is a painting I really enjoyed working on.
Lorrie is a good friend of mine and work for her occasionally.
One day was looking for something in  the tool shed when I noticed  the high contrast created by light  and shadows.
I've been there so many times and have seen those things before but this time was different.
I ran for my camera and took several photos.
most of them were good but not so different from one to another.
when I decided to paint it wasn't too difficult to start,since I really liked the composition.
what was more complicated was deciding and planning what I was going to do.
at the end,it was a nice experience and really liked the way it turned out.
9"x12" Watercolor on Arches (cold Pressed)
and it was finished on Jan. the 30th '14