Sunday, September 30, 2012


Another unusual subject...
But actually,it was kind of fun  to paint.
I bought a small key chain,because I thought it was cute. 
I knew I was going to use it for a painting,but didn't have a clear idea of what
I wanted to do.
suddenly I had so many ideas and started to take pictures of it in different positions.
I choose 2 pictures and worked from both.
One for the pose of the little Robot with the battery on his head and the other one
for the color,it was lighter and nicer that the color from the other photograph.
it was a nice process and every thing went the way I intended to.
at the end,I was very pleased with the painting of my "little buddy"
9" x  12" Original watercolor,painted in Arches cold pressed 
Sept. the 29th  '12

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Left Behind"

Well,after weeks of non-creative depression...
this is what I came up with...
The real challenge when painting ordinary things is...
How to make it look good,or nice.
I  was walking in a sunny day when I spotted  a pair of abandoned tennis shoes on the sidewalk...
sometimes I think people might believe  that I'm crazy,when they see me taking pictures like this...
Who would take pictures from something that People sees or thinks  is a piece of trash?
I've just realized that we have to paint what really catches our attention.
things that we see as potential paintings,a flower,a bird,a rock...
We just have to keep creating!
9"x12" Watercolor painted in arches  Cold pressed.
Sept. the 24th '12


Friday, September 21, 2012

"Just...Green Leaves"

            Well,this is the finished painting.
           I didn't do much to it,after the one I posted before.
           Just added some  color to the lower stem.
          I really was attracted to see how the direct light changed the 
          color of the leaves.
           some of them were almost transparent and the Shinny (withe) ones were
         dark green,but because the Sun light hit them directly  they became almost
         "Invisible leaves"...LOL
         The plant is actually a Rododendrons bush,but there were not flowers...
         I  love the picture and decided to paint it...
          wherever gives us inspiration,right?
         Sept.   '12

Monday, September 3, 2012

"just...Green leaves" (WIP)

This watercolor has been in my easel for 3 weeks or so...
just sitting there,waiting to be finished.
I  just need to do a few minor details and it will be ready.
I hope to finish it soon,so I can move to my next project.
Sep.   the 3rd   '12