Monday, September 29, 2014

"Soldado de juguete" #3

This is the last of the series...
Little toy soldiers idea came after I painted "chaos"
I used the same method,square-boxed like shapes.
but wanted to add something else.
I wanted to do a Bigger chaos with a few little additions,the little toy soldiers.
I think that I did not planned it well and I failed.
Well,it was probably a good thing,now I have 3 pieces when the original was supposed to be a BIG one,I think they look good small.
this way,It really shows what the main subject is and can enjoy it better.
if I hadn't done the cropping the piece would've been way too big and it would have been too distractive.
This is a  9" 1/2 x 7" 1/2 watercolor,painted on arches cold press (300 lb) and was finished on  Sept .the 9th '14

"Soldado de Juguete" #2

This is the "continuation" of a series of three small pieces.
"Little Toy soldiers" .
It was fun to paint these little green guys.
I used little plastic toys as models.
Again,this was supposed to be a single BIG  painting but couldn't get what I wanted.
at the end,I was very satisfied and happy that I was able to 
"Save"  my painting...after so many hours of work.
Cropping was a good solution and I'll probably  try to do a few more.
washes of Yellow and a combination of Reds were applied to get this strong vibrant background.
it is also a 9" 1/2 x 7" 1/2  and was painted on Arches cold press (300 lb)
was also finished on Sept. the 9th '14

"Soldado de juguete" #1

Soldado de juguete came after "Chaos"...
I did chaos and wasn't satisfied with it,since there was nothing to see but squared shapes.
This is not intended to be political,it is more about being creative.
The idea was to do some kind of abstraction with some little toy soldiers,unfortunately...
it didn't work and wasn't happy with it.
after  looking at it for a while I came to the conclusion that cropping was the only way out of where it was.
it worked!
it was supposed to be a big piece but instead of one I've got three small ones.
it is a watercolor painted on arches cold press (300 lb)
and it  will Measure 7 1/2 x 9 1/2
it was painted on Sept. the 9th '14      

Friday, September 26, 2014

"Eve,Selecting Apples in Heaven"

Finally,I'm posting something after a few not so good months of inactivity.
I received my "Wooden hand" that I ordered at my local Art store.
I wanted it because had so many "Ideas" for different projects.
this is the first one and have to say that was really into it at the beginning,but then,I got a little bit bored...
I think that I'm going to use "my" hand again...(LOL)
but just have to wait a little to see what kind of wacky-ideas come to my mind.
I tried to add a little bit of "Humor" to the tittle and as for an "Experiment",I think it is ok.
This is a 14x20  watercolor painted on Arches (Hot pressed) 
and was painted on Sept. '14


Chaos was born from a pencil sketch,it came to mi mind on a time when there was not much inspiration.
But when I drew the pencil sketch I thought that it was interesting.
Since there was nothing else for me to do I decided to give it a try.
Not exactly what I was expecting but at least I got to paint something.
the title came to me when I looked at it and and couldn't find anything else,Chaos is what I saw...LOL
It was hard to do the Red and there are 2,maybe 3 different Reds and an under-wash of Yellow.
it is a 12x16 watercolor on Arches Cold pressed and it was painted on Sept. '14

Monday, September 22, 2014

This is another Acrylic that I painted not long ago.
Again,a simple design but I really liked it.
It  was one of my many crazy periods...LOL
but I really wasn't in the mood for watercolors.
so I decided to do this and since those wild ideas had been on my mind for a while...
Decided to put them on canvas,well wood panel...LOL
This measures 24x18 and was painted on May the 27th '14
is good to finally post something after all these months!

hi again!
I didn't paint watercolors for a month or so,but i was working on a few pieces on Acrilycs.
Simple designs that started as sketches and really wanted to use some neon-like colors...
the colors are a little bit too bright,but i really like them!!!
this is a 20x20 Acrylic in wood panel.
I'd used Acrylics before but not much and what I did this time is completely different.
I was also curious about the wood panels,I saw them at the Arts store and bought me a bunch...LOL
Anyway,it was an exciting process and even though it isn't anything really outstanding...
I really enjoyed it.
Might try a few more.
This was painted on June...just not sure about the day...