Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aimee's still life

This is a watercolor that I painted not long ago.
It was a still life for our group of watercolourist's,we meet every Tuesday and we paint the first and the third Tuesday of the month.
I usually draw,because I'm not a quick painter and I think I'll get nervous if I'd have to paint in public (LOL)
This was Aimee's  still life,I think that I did  a pencil drawing that day but I took several  photographs.
as I always do,I downloaded the photos to my computer and eliminate the ones that I don't like.
most of the photos were similar but this was my favorite.
I took me a while but I finally decided to give it a try,I thin that I wasn't careful enough and my sketch was just a little bit bigger that I wanted...but I decided to paint it anyway.
it wasn't as difficult as I thought but there are a few details I would've done a little bit different,too late now.
But I have to say that I'm very pleased with it,Maybe I'll give it another try.
it was painted on Arches (cold pressed) and it measures 16"x12" inches.
it was painted on July the 12th. '16.  


This is another quick experiment,again;very simple...
I think I just don't like to  paint something too complicated.
I liked this simple Magnolia and could not resist to paint it.
I have to admit that the original photo belongs to  Eloise Mace,on the PMP (paint my photo) website.
it is a small 12"x9" watercolour and it was painted on arches (cold pressed) paper.
it was painted on July the 7th. '16.


Well,a couple of weeks ago I was very active with my brushes. the enthusiasm  lasted a while and was able to do a few pieces that I like.
this is one of them,a simple-single-very lonely Lemon.
I Haven't   been too creative,as for what kind of subjects to paint.
I'm not good at landscapes of portraits,so... this is what it's left for me...LOL
This is a small watercolour but I really Like the simplicity of it and I was very happy with it when I finished it.
Because I took the photo outdoors and the light was so bright,the photo is a little bit too bright and really wasn't sure  if I wanted to use photoshop to darken it.
in order to make the painting look good,I had to do a little bit of cropping.
this is watercolour,painted on Arches (cold pressed) and according to my measurements  it'll have to be framed 9" 1/2x7" 1/2.
it was painted on July the 14th. '16

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sweet Pea

this is a Watercolour inspired by the unusual shapes of a sweet pea. 
I really never paid attention to those little-colorful flowers.
They were in full bloom not long ago and I decided to take a closer look to the plant and really got a nice surprise to see how pretty and kind of different  they are.
I knew that I had to paint them but I didn't have a clear idea of  what I wanted to do.
I Started sketching and painting the flower and then...  
I didn't really knew what to do.
so,trying to do something different and because I just  wasn' t sure   on what to do...
I had this "Idea" of doing some kind of Abstraction for the background and I drew a vase,I cut it in half and traced the shapes directly to my paper.
this is what I ended up with.
Not good planning usually takes you nowhere,I liked the little bloom because of  the strong color and unusual shapes but I could've done better with the background... (Maybe not...LOL)
it is a watercolour,painted on Arches (Cold Pressed) and it measures 12"x9" it was finished on July the 3rd. '16

                                        This is a watercolour that I painted not long ago.
The photograph is Original from Viacheslav on the PMP website (Paint my Photo)
I just couldn't  resist the Exquisite composition and soft colors of the tea pots.
The Yellow bowl and the lemon added some beautiful contrast.
The photograph of the painting is not a good one,but the painting is actually very good. (I think)
It is a watertcolour painted on Arches (Cold Pressed) it measures 12"x16"  and was painted on July the 18th. '16. 
you can see Viacheslav photograph here...