Sunday, February 21, 2016


This watercolor painting is also based on a photograph that I found on PMP. I thought that the Red pear against the Monochromatic background is striking. 
I saw the original photo a long time ago and finally decided to paint it,the original photograph belongs to a very talented photographer,his name is Viacheslav.
it is a watercolor painted on Arches and for this piece I used Cold pressed paper. it was a good-positive feeling to get this specific painting done,I'm really happy with it.
I'm actually considering  to include this piece for the next SCWS. which is going to be next August,I think.      
it measures 20"x14"  and it was finished on Jan. the 16th '16

"Broken cup"

Well,it has been ages since my last posting,I really haven't done much painting,maybe not enough inspiration...
I painted this watercolor of a photograph that I found on the Paint My Photo website,the original photo belongs to Viacheslav. I just liked it because of the simplicity but also because I think its a little bit unusual.
I titled it "Broken cup" it is a watercolor,painted on Arches (Hot pressed)  and it meassures 20"x14".
it was painted on Jan. the 18th. '16