Friday, September 25, 2015

"Red Roses"

This is a watercolor that I painted not long ago...
I'm not sure why I didn't post it  before.
I think that it is  going to be part of the Santa cruz watercolor Society annual show,which will open Friday,October the 30th,I think.
I haven't been painting much but I have a few pieces that I haven't showed before.
So,I have to get busy and get them framed and ready,I might  show 3-4 paintings this time.
I'm excited about it,just being part of it is really motivating!
This is a watercolor,painted on arches  (Cold pressed) and it measures 9"x12".
it was finished on August the 1st. '15.       

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dice'n foil

this is another of my few latest creations...
I wanted to do something different,I had so many ideas but not many actually materialize (as usual).
I like strong colors and  I'm always thinking about new things to use in my work.
I used a small Red dice that I bought at the thrift store and I also used some foil for my set up.
I took several pictures and I did it outdoors on a sunny day.
I love the way the foil shines but couldn't get so much of the shinny part in my photos...
What I got were some really interesting reflections on the foil and that's why I decided to paint it.
at the end is all about doing what makes us happy,even if it is something "Strange" or unusual...
it is a watercolor that measures 9"x12". painted on arches (cold Pressed) and it was finished on August the 24th. '15

Coit tower

This is one of my latest watercolors,It's the iconic "Coit tower" in SF.
I wanted to add simplicity to it and that's why I decided not to add any blue in the background and I also left out branches and or trees on both sides of the building.
I'm always looking for shapes and or lines and color in my subjects and what got my attention on this piece was the shapes at the bottom of the tower.  
I just liked the Architectural design of it and the contrast of light and dark of the walls.
I really didn't pay much attention to measurements ,that's probably noticiable...but;oh well!
it is a watercolor painted on arches  (cold pressed) and it measures   9"x12".
it was finished on July the 23rd '15