Monday, July 13, 2015

Lorrie's tool box # 2

this is the second painting of what I think will be a series...
I did my initial sketch and I don't know why it took me too long to actually get to paint it,it was probably that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.
When I finally decided to get it done,it wasn't even close to what I had on mind..oh well!
This Hammer is in the tool shed of a dear friend of mine and every time I open the door it gets so much Sun and have to run for my camera to get some pic's.
again,I'm  always looking for contrast,Dark,light...
something that I wasn't able to capture on this painting...
but then again,its not even close to what I originally wanted...LOL  
it was meant to be 9"x12" but had to do some cropping,in order  to make it look right...
the original painting measures 9" 1/2x 8"
I used arches (cold pressed) and it was finished on May the 7th '15 


well,it's been a while since I posted something on my blog.
it has been months and months of inactivity,I haven't done much painting lately,but I had to post the two paintings I did a few months ago.
This is a scene I came to,as I was walking out of a local bookstore. I really liked the  "set up" of the wheelbarrow in and empty-almost abandoned street.  
I couldn't resist  the contrast of the Blue tile wall and the white of the Pillar.
that is something I'm always looking for  my subjects,contrast ,color...
anyway,it is a watercolor and it measures 12"x16".
it has been painted in arches cold pressed.
it was finished on May 13th '15