Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"The Creation"

I just finished this last night.
it is a little bit different but is something
I've been thinking about and I finally decided to do it.
I spent a week working in the composition and sketch...
there are a few nice things on this painting and I have
a few more projects coming... 
April the 30th '12
Original watercolor 22x30  for $ale.


  1. Wow, Ignacio, this realy is something else. But I do like it! There is so much to see in the painting. It kept me bussy for a while! Very nice! I'm looking forworth to see your next projects:)

    1. Hi Renate!
      Thanks for your nice words...
      I'm really glad you liked it!
      I took it to the Critique group at the art center in my community and I got really good feed back.
      this is something that I usually would not paint but...
      I was talking to a friend of mine (I also work for her) and she told me something that I've never heard before...
      "As an Artist,sometimes you have to think OUT OF THE BOX" and I think she's right...
      Sometimes,we have lots of ideas that we want to put on paper;but we're afraid other people will not like it...
      We just have to do what we like and hope for the best...LOL
      Best regards!

    2. Hi Ignacio:) I'm very glad you listened to her! I just did that with a rooster of mine painted a week or two before. It was very scary but on the other hand I liked it very much!