Thursday, August 16, 2012

"Pride in The Hood"

I've been working in this watercolor for 2 weeks or so...
Well,sometimes I'm just too tired after work and can't concentrate in my painting.
It is an ornament in the hood of a car (Pontiac)   and I believe is from the 60's.
I did some research and found several that are similar but could not find one  that look
like this.
I took this picture a couple of years ago and I knew someday I'd paint it...
I really like and enjoy old cars,don't go to shows frecuently but I always have my camera
with me,if I see an old Shiny car,I'd probably going to take a picture of it...
this is a small watercolor 9x12 painted in Cold pressed (Arches)
August the 16th '12


  1. Hello Ignacio:) How original! Love this one. The shiny ornament looks beautiful and I love the red of the car. Great job!

  2. Hello,Bright colors and nice work!