Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Rusting on Pile"

I'm back!
Woww! I can't  believe how long it has been since I posted something in my blog.
I've been a little bit busy and sometimes,I'm just not inspired...
I've been working in this BIG piece for 3 weeks or maybe a month...
Well,the truth is that sometimes I don't do anything to it for  days and days...
it is a work in process but I'm not going to add much to it...
I've been having lots of fun doing it,but also had a few frustrating sessions...
I really hope to finish it soon and move on to my next project.
March the 27th '13


  1. Un trabajo meticuloso y muy interesante, maravilloso tratamiento de la acuarela y los resultados una hermosa obra, felicitaciones

    1. Hola Beatriz!
      Gracias por tu comentario y por tu visita a mi blog...
      ultimamente lo he tenido un poco olvidado.
      la verdad es que no he pintado mucho,eveces he estado un poco ocupado y aveces no hay mucha inspiracion.
      esta me parecio una fotografia interesante,especialmente la composicion.
      le hace falta un poco de trabajo,pero creo que no le voy a anadir mucho.
      Gracias otra vez...
      por tu comentario.