Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"The Red Valve at the nick"

I'm back!
Here I am,with one of my "Unusual" subjects.
I'm just trying to paint whatever catches my attention.
I went to the the movies a week or so ago and I saw these pipes and this red valve.
I was immediately attracted by the subject and having my  cam on hand,I snapped 
a few pictures.
I wasn't sure about how good the photos were going to be but I was actually pleased
and surprised when I saw one of the photos.
I really liked the way the sunlight  created this dramatic contrast in the lock and the front of the valve.
The "Redish-purplish"  (Gezz! I'm also creating new words!!!)  colors on the pipes were
really fun to paint.
At the end,it was a nice experience and I'm really happy about this painting and the way it 
turned out.
Nov. the 23rd  '13
painted on arches (cold Pressed) and it measures  14"x20" 


  1. Enhorabuena tus trabajos son preciosos , siempre es un placer visitar tu blog...
    Un saludo

    1. Hola Isabel!
      Gracias por tu comentario y lamento no haver escrito antes para agradecer tu visita a mi blog.
      La verdad es que no he estado muy activo pintando y publicando...
      siempre disfruto leer los comentarios positivos acerca de mis pinturas.
      gracias por tomarte el tiempo de visitar mi blog.
      con mis mejores deceos...