Friday, September 26, 2014

"Eve,Selecting Apples in Heaven"

Finally,I'm posting something after a few not so good months of inactivity.
I received my "Wooden hand" that I ordered at my local Art store.
I wanted it because had so many "Ideas" for different projects.
this is the first one and have to say that was really into it at the beginning,but then,I got a little bit bored...
I think that I'm going to use "my" hand again...(LOL)
but just have to wait a little to see what kind of wacky-ideas come to my mind.
I tried to add a little bit of "Humor" to the tittle and as for an "Experiment",I think it is ok.
This is a 14x20  watercolor painted on Arches (Hot pressed) 
and was painted on Sept. '14

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