Sunday, January 25, 2015


This painting started from a quick trip to a local Hardware store.
I took a few photos with my inexpensive but very handy camera,it is my best companion and take it with me wherever I go.
when I downloaded the photos to my computer,I choose what I thought was the best one and I drew a sketch (as accurate as I could)  directly to my paper.
Using a mixture of Payne's Gray,Prussian blue,I added some light washes...
Working from light to dark using basic techniques,at the end I had to add a darker wash of Indigo.
I like all the shapes and colors and I saw some kind of abstraction on the whole-shovel composition.
So,I decided to go with a Yellow Background to make the shovels "pop out"
this was my last  painting of  2014.
it is a watercolor,painted on Arches cold pressed and it measures  14"x20".
it was finished on Dec. the 1oth. 2014

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  1. A ça c'est original tient !
    Vos tableaux sont tellement amuants. J'adore.