Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dice'n foil

this is another of my few latest creations...
I wanted to do something different,I had so many ideas but not many actually materialize (as usual).
I like strong colors and  I'm always thinking about new things to use in my work.
I used a small Red dice that I bought at the thrift store and I also used some foil for my set up.
I took several pictures and I did it outdoors on a sunny day.
I love the way the foil shines but couldn't get so much of the shinny part in my photos...
What I got were some really interesting reflections on the foil and that's why I decided to paint it.
at the end is all about doing what makes us happy,even if it is something "Strange" or unusual...
it is a watercolor that measures 9"x12". painted on arches (cold Pressed) and it was finished on August the 24th. '15

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