Friday, June 3, 2016


This is one of the few watercolors that I've done in the few past months.
I haven't done much painting,I have been a little bit busy and most of the time...
too tired after being busy.
I started this watercolor a couple of months ago,but for some reason I felt a little unhappy with it.
I painted the small metal vase and the roses and put it aside.
After several weeks of inactivity I decided to keep working on it,I actually didn't do much to it.
I just added a little bit more color to the vase and used some left overs from my palette to paint the background.
It is kind of simple,because doesn't have much detail...but I kind of like it that way.
one of the things I've wanted to do before is to paint a little bit more "loose" and this was a very good opportunity to practice  and I also,finally;got my brushes wet...LOL
This is a watercolor painted on a very thick-hand made paper,it measures 14"x14" and was finished on May the 24th '16           

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