Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Left Behind"

Well,after weeks of non-creative depression...
this is what I came up with...
The real challenge when painting ordinary things is...
How to make it look good,or nice.
I  was walking in a sunny day when I spotted  a pair of abandoned tennis shoes on the sidewalk...
sometimes I think people might believe  that I'm crazy,when they see me taking pictures like this...
Who would take pictures from something that People sees or thinks  is a piece of trash?
I've just realized that we have to paint what really catches our attention.
things that we see as potential paintings,a flower,a bird,a rock...
We just have to keep creating!
9"x12" Watercolor painted in arches  Cold pressed.
Sept. the 24th '12



  1. Muy bueno, desprende soledad y tristeza. Saludos.

  2. Hello Ignacio:) I just love it! I once painted my own shoes. So nice to do:) You did a great job. Love the fore and back ground colors. The shoe is wonderful. Keep it going! :)

    1. Hola Ina,gracias por tu visita a mi blog y por tu comentario.
      Me siento muy honrado de saber que te gusto my trabajo.
      Saludos para ti tambien!

      Hi Renate!
      Thank you very much for your nice comment.
      I haven't done much painting lately...
      I just had to do something...
      not the greatest or the best subject,but it worked!
      I hope all is well with you...
      Best regards!

  3. Awesome ! Really well done ! You are right, what really catches our attention often comes out well when painting matter what the subject. Love this shoe !