Sunday, September 30, 2012


Another unusual subject...
But actually,it was kind of fun  to paint.
I bought a small key chain,because I thought it was cute. 
I knew I was going to use it for a painting,but didn't have a clear idea of what
I wanted to do.
suddenly I had so many ideas and started to take pictures of it in different positions.
I choose 2 pictures and worked from both.
One for the pose of the little Robot with the battery on his head and the other one
for the color,it was lighter and nicer that the color from the other photograph.
it was a nice process and every thing went the way I intended to.
at the end,I was very pleased with the painting of my "little buddy"
9" x  12" Original watercolor,painted in Arches cold pressed 
Sept. the 29th  '12


  1. This is original Ignacio:) I love it, especially the battery on top of his head. Very unusually but very funny. Love the feet of your buddy:) The technical background goes perfect with it!

    1. Hi Renate!
      thanks for your nice comment!
      I have to say that it was something really fun to paint.
      I've been struggling trying to choose my subjects and I've decide to just paint what makes me happy...LOL
      Best regards!

  2. Muy simpatico tu amiguito, podria ilustrar un cuento infantil
    La zapatilla que te llamó la tención, se convirtio en una obra hermosa, la mirada del artista logró la transformación

    1. Hola Beatriz!
      Gracias por tu comentario...
      bueno,pues creo que aveces no he sido muy efectivo en las cosas que quiero pintar.
      Me gustaria mucho poder pintar paisages,pero no soy muy bueno.
      entonces solo me queda intentar otras cosas,aveces un poco diferentes y que no sean tan dificiles... ha ha ha...