Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Still life with Lemons #2"

Here is a different version of the previous post.
I just could not resist doing one more painting
of those juicy Lemons...
I  have to admit that I took the photos a while back,but couldn't think about a title so...that's what I called them.
I really wanted to paint this before but I wasn't sure if that was going to work and I've never painted Lemons before.
Well this is the latest and now it's time to look for something else to paint...
this is also a watercolor,painted on Arches 12x16 cold pressed...
Aug.  18th  '13  


  1. I really like your lemons in a paper bag series. Quiet, meditative, elegant.

    Laura (from Tuesdays Watercolor group)

  2. Hi Laura!
    Thanks for your nice comment.
    it was nice seeing you last Tuesday at the crit.
    Too bad that we didn't have time to talk...
    hope all is well.
    Best regards...