Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Lorrie's tool box"

This is a painting I really enjoyed working on.
Lorrie is a good friend of mine and work for her occasionally.
One day was looking for something in  the tool shed when I noticed  the high contrast created by light  and shadows.
I've been there so many times and have seen those things before but this time was different.
I ran for my camera and took several photos.
most of them were good but not so different from one to another.
when I decided to paint it wasn't too difficult to start,since I really liked the composition.
what was more complicated was deciding and planning what I was going to do.
at the end,it was a nice experience and really liked the way it turned out.
9"x12" Watercolor on Arches (cold Pressed)
and it was finished on Jan. the 30th '14


  1. Bien aprovechadas las imágenes fotográficas, la acuarela resulto fantástica, genial!

    1. Hola Beatriz!
      Esta fue una fotografia que me atrajo desde el principio.
      afortunadamente tenia mi camara a la mano y tome varias imagenes.
      lo que me fascino fue el efecto "dramatico" producido por la luz que se colaba por la puerta,las sombras fueron tambien parte fundamental de la composicion.
      havia muchos objetos mas,pero decidi dejarlos fuera de la pintura.
      el fondo deveria ser mas obscuro,tal ves eso le daria un poco mas de misterio a la acuarela...
      no se...
      gracias por tu comentario y por visitar una vez mas mi blog.