Monday, September 29, 2014

"Soldado de Juguete" #2

This is the "continuation" of a series of three small pieces.
"Little Toy soldiers" .
It was fun to paint these little green guys.
I used little plastic toys as models.
Again,this was supposed to be a single BIG  painting but couldn't get what I wanted.
at the end,I was very satisfied and happy that I was able to 
"Save"  my painting...after so many hours of work.
Cropping was a good solution and I'll probably  try to do a few more.
washes of Yellow and a combination of Reds were applied to get this strong vibrant background.
it is also a 9" 1/2 x 7" 1/2  and was painted on Arches cold press (300 lb)
was also finished on Sept. the 9th '14

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