Monday, September 29, 2014

"Soldado de juguete" #3

This is the last of the series...
Little toy soldiers idea came after I painted "chaos"
I used the same method,square-boxed like shapes.
but wanted to add something else.
I wanted to do a Bigger chaos with a few little additions,the little toy soldiers.
I think that I did not planned it well and I failed.
Well,it was probably a good thing,now I have 3 pieces when the original was supposed to be a BIG one,I think they look good small.
this way,It really shows what the main subject is and can enjoy it better.
if I hadn't done the cropping the piece would've been way too big and it would have been too distractive.
This is a  9" 1/2 x 7" 1/2 watercolor,painted on arches cold press (300 lb) and was finished on  Sept .the 9th '14

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