Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Lady Liberty"

Lady Liberty started as an exciting project,and exciting but not-so easy project.
I had a few complications with the initial sketch,I couldn't get it right.
When I finally decided to start and even tough I wasn't satisfied with the drawing I applied a few washes (I started with the Background) but for some reason it didn't look right.
then I realized that I didn't save the White spaces for the two last "spikes" of the crown on the lower left.
I wasn't sure if I was going to fix it and really didn't knew what to do with it.
After thinking for a while,this idea came to my mind.
I used real money to cover my mistakes,I had to "spend" a few singles but I think that it was a good investment..
I'd call it mixed media,Watercolor-collage and was painted on Arches (cold Pressed).
it measures 16"x12" and was finished on Oct. the 13th '14  

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