Sunday, June 19, 2016


This is the latest watercolour I've painted.
not having any clear idea of what was I going to do,I started with the flower (a pink-purple poppy) it was so fun to work on it and took less work than I thought. after that,I wasn't sure what else to do and dug on my pile of photos that I sometimes use as a reference. I found a print of some landscape that I always wanted to paint but I never got to it.
My intention was to paint the landscape as real as I could,but unfortunately...I am not good at painting landscapes,so I just drew the shapes of the mountains and tried a bunch of colors... colors that I thought were as close as possible to the real thing...but...didn't work. LOL
anyway,it is a watercolour and I don't really have the measurements (the painting is being framed) but it is a biggy! this is possible one of my entries for  the SCWS  show Next August.
 this was finished  on   May the 30th. '16  

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