Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aimee's still life

This is a watercolor that I painted not long ago.
It was a still life for our group of watercolourist's,we meet every Tuesday and we paint the first and the third Tuesday of the month.
I usually draw,because I'm not a quick painter and I think I'll get nervous if I'd have to paint in public (LOL)
This was Aimee's  still life,I think that I did  a pencil drawing that day but I took several  photographs.
as I always do,I downloaded the photos to my computer and eliminate the ones that I don't like.
most of the photos were similar but this was my favorite.
I took me a while but I finally decided to give it a try,I thin that I wasn't careful enough and my sketch was just a little bit bigger that I wanted...but I decided to paint it anyway.
it wasn't as difficult as I thought but there are a few details I would've done a little bit different,too late now.
But I have to say that I'm very pleased with it,Maybe I'll give it another try.
it was painted on Arches (cold pressed) and it measures 16"x12" inches.
it was painted on July the 12th. '16.