Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sweet Pea

this is a Watercolour inspired by the unusual shapes of a sweet pea. 
I really never paid attention to those little-colorful flowers.
They were in full bloom not long ago and I decided to take a closer look to the plant and really got a nice surprise to see how pretty and kind of different  they are.
I knew that I had to paint them but I didn't have a clear idea of  what I wanted to do.
I Started sketching and painting the flower and then...  
I didn't really knew what to do.
so,trying to do something different and because I just  wasn' t sure   on what to do...
I had this "Idea" of doing some kind of Abstraction for the background and I drew a vase,I cut it in half and traced the shapes directly to my paper.
this is what I ended up with.
Not good planning usually takes you nowhere,I liked the little bloom because of  the strong color and unusual shapes but I could've done better with the background... (Maybe not...LOL)
it is a watercolour,painted on Arches (Cold Pressed) and it measures 12"x9" it was finished on July the 3rd. '16

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