Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Well,a couple of weeks ago I was very active with my brushes. the enthusiasm  lasted a while and was able to do a few pieces that I like.
this is one of them,a simple-single-very lonely Lemon.
I Haven't   been too creative,as for what kind of subjects to paint.
I'm not good at landscapes of portraits,so... this is what it's left for me...LOL
This is a small watercolour but I really Like the simplicity of it and I was very happy with it when I finished it.
Because I took the photo outdoors and the light was so bright,the photo is a little bit too bright and really wasn't sure  if I wanted to use photoshop to darken it.
in order to make the painting look good,I had to do a little bit of cropping.
this is watercolour,painted on Arches (cold pressed) and according to my measurements  it'll have to be framed 9" 1/2x7" 1/2.
it was painted on July the 14th. '16

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