Thursday, March 9, 2017


This is also one of my "old" watercolours...
it was painted last year but I didn't post it before for a number or reasons. first,I wasn't sure if I was going to leave it as is...or;if I wanted to keep working on the background!
as there's so much going on with the boards and the strong color of the pot,I decided to leave it alone. 
it is based on a photograph that I took in a small area where  the pots and garden tools are.
I just loved the strong Orangy-Pinky color of the small pot. I also liked the shape of the tall bucket  and was playing with the composition and the light. 
The Red "reflection" on the metal bucket might've been a little bit exaggerated but I kind of like it!
I had a hard time drawing the sketch but once the drawing was done,that's when the fun begun!
it is a 14" x20" painted on my favorite surface,Arches (cold pressed) and it was finished on Dec. '16       

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