Thursday, March 9, 2017



This is a watercolour that I painted last year. 
it was inspired by the severe drought that was affecting California. fortunately,this winter was stormy and rainy and it seems like the drought will not be affecting the state for a while.
I had the idea for a long time but I really wasn't sure how to approach the subject. as I'm not really a landscape painter and I wasn't sure where and how to start.
when I finally decided to start working on it,I used a small section of a photograph that was published in our local news paper as a reference for the landscape. It looks like a canyon but it's not really the way the originally picture looked. 
the faucet was always part of my idea and I knew it has to be included,I was trying to do something somehow surrealist and different. it was actually a lot easier than I thought and I'm very pleased with it...wanting to do something different I pasted the original 12" x 16"on to a bigger sheet of paper crazy idea really didn't work...   so,I cropped it back to it's original size. it is a 12" x 16" painted on arches (cold pressed) and it was finished sometime on Nov.-Dec. '16

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