Saturday, December 31, 2016


This is the most recent watercolour and it will be the last post of this chaotic 2016! 
I (unfortunately) didn't get to paint much but I did get to paint a few pieces that I'm happy with.
this is a set up with a few things that I bought at the antiques fair that comes to town the second Sunday of every month. 
I found the rusty vase and the small cooper  piece  very attractive and bought them for my collection of  things I could use for painting...
I'm very satisfied with this painting but I also have to admit that I wasn't careful enough planning   and that's why it ended up square!
I'm seriously considering this painting  for the up to 3 paintings that we are allowed to show in the SCWS this coming 2017.
it measures 15"x14"  it was painted on arches (cold pressed) and it was finished on Dec. the 12th '16


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